Bienvenidos a Español Ahora! Welcome to Spanish Now! - Finally in-person learning is back...


Thanks for visiting our site! Español Ahora is a personalized course in online Spanish. No longer! It's been a looooong year and we are proud to announce in summer 2021 the return of classroom learning. There are many apps and websites offering basic Spanish lessons online. Having lived in six countries I can personally report that there is nothing better for language acquisition than face-to-face interaction. Now that we have rounded the corner and things are opening up we are excited about group learning. We offer a comprehensive in-class experience through weekly lessons that maximize your retention. We offer Spanish lessons to all levels of learners from absolute beginner to academic. To begin with we will send you a placement exam to gauge your proficiency. Also included is an entrevista questionnaire asking what your personal goals are in learning Spanish. Then we will choose an appropriate textbook for your course. This textbook based course allows for a small regular homework assignment essential to maximize your learning.

For advanced students interested more in listening based learning we also use an excellent website called For a small subscription fee there is access to current news bytes from around the world.  Each listening contains a transcript for concurrent reading. The website also includes an archive of grammar points and exercises. Again this course is for intermediate and higher students with at least 2 solid years of Español.

Classes are 60 minutes in duration. Children's lessons are 30 minutes.

The typical lesson structure is:

1>  Ice breaker - 15 mins - (ice-breaker is a fun warmup activity to get you flowing)

2>  Homework review - 15 mins

3>  Grammar point - 30 mins (main subject of lesson following book progression)

If you are interested or have further questions contact us at -


                             or call (970) 309-5966.