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Holaaaahh Olaaaa!

Hola, I am Chadwick 'Che' Dixon. I spent half of my life traveling. While studying Physics at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque a very influential professor, Señor Theo, completely changed my life course. In class we listened to the song 'Caminando por la Calle" by the Gypsy Kings. Something magic crystallized and in that moment the language flowed through me unfiltered and completely comprehensibly. Learning to speak a second language was a spiritual awakening. Three years later l graduated with a degree in Spanish and Linguistics in 2006. Upon graduating it was time to travel and teaching English was the ticket overseas. Having obtained a certificate in TEFL - Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Brno, the Czech Republic l went on to teach in Several countries around the world. In each residence l learned way more than I taught. As a result, l speak Swedish, Slovak, Spanish, German, Hungarian and a little Korean. Clearly the key to any culture is the language. And with that key you will open many doors. I have spent a decade traveling Mexico. I also lived in Nicaragua for a short period. The locals in Playa Gigante thought l looked like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo with my long shaggy hair. This combination of the popular movie character and slight pronunciation challenges earned me the nickname Che. Whenever l explained my name to people on my travels throughout Central America they always returned with 'Che' so it stuck. Every year l return to Baja California on a surfing pilgrimage. Every time l learn something new. That is the spirit of learning another language. lt's a life-long journey. Look around. 'Disfrute el viaje' - Enjoy the ride...

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