Payments are made per block (4-lessons) which equates to a convenient once a month payment. In certain months there may be a 5th weekday and that lesson is included in the block.

I) Estudiante - 140 for a 4-lesson block which includes homework.

II) Academico - 180 for a 4-lesson block includes homework and final review test corrected for each chapter.

III) Periodista - For advanced students. Weekly listening based lessons with 40 per lesson.

IV) Ninos - For students aged 6 to 10. Shorter 30 minute lesson.  100 per block.

** Couples/Siblings pay $125 per student per block.**

All lessons are 60 minutes long. Children's lessons are a 30-minute session. A 4-lesson block typically covers one textbook chapter. Completing a whole textbook (6-8) chapters would be a about

9-month course complete with final exam.

Payment is made by local check or online via Paypal. Students are responsible for obtaining their own textbooks. We do provide copies of some activity material. Class groups will not exceed 10 students.

Policies - We cannot reschedule missed lessons for individual absences. Only in the event of instructor illness or building closure will a lesson be rescheduled. Thanks for understanding.